Value & Value Relationships in Landscape Program

Hi Everyone,

This post is about my new online course that I've launched this year!

Value & Value Relationships in Landscape will help you understand and represent tonal values well so that you can improve the illusion of form and depth in your landscape.

So, I've listed the highlights of what you will learn from each part of this course series.

In case you’re still not sure whether this is for you, have a look at each course’s content listed below!

What you will learn in:

Value & Value Relationships in Landscape - Part One

  • How values form in Landscape and how to read them properly

  • How to simplify the unlimited range of values in nature into 4 or 5 core values

  • How to use the simplification and massing concepts to paint faster and looser without losing coherence

  • How to start a landscape by painting in blocks

  • How to use the value divisions concept to relate value masses and create a system you can follow every time you create a painting

  • How the main sources of light in nature affect the way we see colour and value

  • How to relate value groups

  • How to use the plane differentiation concept in your painting to understand when a value change occurs

  • How to apply the atmospheric perspective principle to improve the illusion of depth and space

  • How to avoid the "Intensity vs. Lightness" trap

  • How to create a traditional value scale and how to identify major value groups in your subject

  • How to paint value shapes to improve your skills to see and represent shades

  • How to use the Old Masters’ technique, Brunnaille, to develop a solid basis in your work


What you will learn in:

Value & Value Relationships in Landscape - Part Two

  • How to relate value to colour

  • How to use my Value-Colour Palette System to mix your colour groups following the value divisions in your subject.

  • How to use a full-colour palette without losing coherence

  • How to study the Masters to learn further and faster

  • How to manipulate atmospheric effects and depth through value, colour and edge

  • How to use colour temperature to suggest value change for a painterly approach

  • How to make your colours "sing."

  • How to 'bend' colour for a creative approach

  • You'll discover how to apply the core concepts to represent form and depth through value and colour. And you can repeat this method again and again to any landscape painting you create.

  • You will also have access to my colour diagrams, palette systems,done-for-you templates and other visual aids that have been designed specifically for this course!


What you will learn in:

Dissecting the Work of a Master: Sorolla and his Approach to Tonal Values and Colour


This course is a Limited Edition Bonus where I analyse how one of the history’s most brilliant artists, Joaquin Sorolla, approached tonal values and value relationships.

You'll also learn how he related value to colour and how he used advanced colour techniques to interpret and represent the effects of light with so much beauty and poetry.

That includes lectures explaining his techniques and also a painting demonstration.

Main Points:

  • Who was Joaquin Sorolla?

  • What was so special about him and his work?

  • Analysing his masterworks to expand our horizons

  • His techniques: what can we learn from him?

  • His quotes

  • Demonstration:

  • His palette

  • Tonal values and colours

  • The poetry of painting

  • How to harmonise your painting using some of Sorolla’s tricks and techniques

  • How to make use of contrasting colour temperature

  • How to create a colourful vitality in your painting

  • Controlling Values

  • Sorolla’s treatment of halftones

  • Gesture and brushwork

  • And more!

Ps: Sorolla’s course has been added as a free bonus for those who enrol in Value and Value Relationships in Landscape by 5th August. After the doors close for enrollment, it will be sold as a separate course.


If you would like to learn more about how to join in, click here to see the Value & Value Relationships in Landscape Program.